School Size - the number of students both full-time and part-time is something to keep in mind.  Do large crowds energize you?  Would you prefer a classrooms to be large and stadium style or would you prefer a smaller number of students in each lecture?  Want to get to know your professors on a more personal level?   Check out the student:faculty ratio to get a better clue as to what your classes will be like.  See how many students live on campus to get an idea of the campus life atmosphere

Social Life - can go hand-in-hand with school size.  Explore the local town or city to see what life is like outside of the classroom and off of the field.  Maybe you need an escape from time to time or maybe you prefer to have fewer distractions.  Sororities and Fraternities aren't at every school and may not be something that strikes your fancy!  After all, you have a family with your soccer team!  Look into the campus life section on the school website for more info.  

Spiritual Life - Would you prefer attending a school with a religious affiliation?  If the school you are considering has a religious affiliation, look into the requiremtns the school has in place.  Some schools are more rigid than others in this area and it is important to know what you must fulfill each semester to graduate.

Climate & Weather - what type of weather do you like and dislike?  If you are intolerable of cold weather, you probably should cross off those schools in the northeast!  Likewise, if you can't stand the heat, Arizona may not be for you!

Distance from home - want to stay close to family or would you prefer to expore new places?  How long will it take you to get home for holidays and what type of travel is required (flights, long drives, etc.)

Cost to attend & scholarship opportunities - May seem obvious, but sometimes people forget to take a comprehensive look at the financial requiements and opportunities availalbe.  College is very expensive but there are plentiful ways to get financial assistance, outside of the soccer field

Admission requirements - academic requirements may be one of several areas you need to know about.  Some schools require letters of recommendation, while others require less.  

Athletics - last but not least, what type of program are you looking for?  Are you okay waiting your turn to play or do you want to make an impact right away? These are important questions to ask the coaches so you know where you stand before you arrive on campus for preseason.  research the number of graduates the program will have the year before you enter as a freshman.